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The wheel of faith
« Gepost op: 28-06-2012 14:08 »

''In terms of the help that you get from having faith, the Buddhist approach is that you could help yourself, rather than being helped from the outside. You learn that you can help yourself—completely. Buddhism is not a pyramid approach. One of the symbols for Buddhism is a wheel. So it’s an eternally circular approach, rather than a pyramid approach. Faith is meant to help you. It recirculates things: what you put out goes around; it goes around and then it comes back to you.''


lord rainbow

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A good cup of coffee
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In our ordinary experience, there is the world and there is you. Recognizing this does not mean that you are going against the Buddha’s teaching of egolessness. There is definitely something there, which is the working basis and magic of the path. You cannot negate that you taste a good cup of coffee. You cannot say that there is no coffee and there is no “you” to taste it—there are such things! Mindfulness of life is based on that kind of immediate appreciation. The meditation practice is to learn to appreciate the immediateness of what is happening right here and now.