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Sudden enlightenment
« Gepost op: 10-03-2006 06:06 »

People talk about sudden enlightenment, a sudden glimpse, satori and all
kinds of other spiritual attainments. But those things require the
conditions for you to pull yourself together. You need to be in the right
frame of work, so to speak, and frame of mind to experience such a thing.
So-called sudden enlightenment needs enough preparation for it to be
sudden. Otherwise, it can't be sudden. If you have a sudden accident in
your motor car, you have to be driving in your car. Otherwise, you can't
have the accident. That is the whole point: whenever we talk about
suddenness and sudden flashes of all kinds, we are talking in terms of
conditional suddenness, conditional sudden enlightenment.
Sudden enlightenment is dependent on the slow growth of the spiritual
process, the growth of commitment, discipline and experience. This takes
place not only in the sitting practice of meditation alone, but also
through the life-long experience of dealing with your wife, your husband,
your kids, your parents, your job, your money, your sex life, your
aggressive life, whatever you have. You have to deal with everything you
experience in your life, and you have to work with and learn from those
situations. Then, the gradual process is almost inevitable, and we could
almost say quite safely at this point that scholastically and
experientially there is no such thing as sudden enlightenment in Buddhism
at all

chogyam trungpa
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Re: sudden enlightenment
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 10-03-2006 09:24 »
en hij vervolgt:

So-called sudden enlightenment is simply insight, or understanding, that depends on what we have already experienced. We call it sudden in the same way that you might say, ?Suddenly I saw the sunrise.? Or, ?Suddenly I saw the sunset.? But what you are seeing is dependent on the situation that already exists, and you are just making it sound dramatic. The sun doesn?t suddenly rise or set, although you may suddenly notice that it?s happening. It depends on your experience.
The point here is that there is continuity in the spiritual journey. You begin solidly, you progress solidly, and you evolve solidly. Don?t expect supernormal magic of any kind on the spiritual path. Some of you may have experienced some kind of magic, maybe so. Some of you have read that such magic does exist, did exist, or will exist. However, magic doesn?t suddenly exist. The magic depends on the magician, and the magician depends on his trainers, so magic cannot appear unless there is a magical situation or environment. The sudden, magical ?zap? we have been told about is purely mythical. The zap cannot take place unless you are in the situation to be zapped. Automatically, the zapping is part of a gradual process rather than a sudden experience.

No one can save us from the state of chaos or samsara unless we understand the meaning of chaos and confusion, unless we have experienced it and suffered from it. Otherwise, although we may be in the midst of chaos, we don?t notice it. You don?t begin to notice chaos until you are already on the path. Then you begin to feel uncomfortable. You feel that something is a nuisance. Something?s bugging you constantly. You realize the chaos when you are already making the journey.
We should also understand that the spiritual journey we are discussing?the so-called journey and so-called spirituality?has nothing to do with the ?spirit.? Here, ?spiritual? refers to the self-existing healthiness that every one of us possesses. We are not talking about the mythical concept of God or some divine power that we cannot understand but we feel we have to accept. We are talking about something very literal and real.

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Re: sudden enlightenment
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 10-03-2006 14:55 »

Hoe heb je dat vervolg zo kunnen vinden?

Inspirerend vind ik die Chogyam Trungpa.

hartelijke groet



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Re: sudden enlightenment
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: 10-03-2006 19:26 »
Ik vond het inderdaad net als jij een mooi stuk, maar had reeds het gevoel dat er iets aan ontbrak en dus heb ik even op het internet gezocht naar de titel en toen kwam de rest te voorschijn.